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DFS Will Allow Temporary Permits to be Issued to Qualified Out-of-State Independent Insurance Adjusters to Expedite Claims.
Insurers Expected to Allow Claimants to Submit Proof of Claims by Photographs and Video Recordings.

Strongest winds since Superstorm Sandy expected! Make sure to bring in any loose items from the outside of your property. If loose items are too heavy, secure the items by tying them down. Also make sure to have batteries for a flashlight, charge your cell phones and fill your car up with gas in case of power outages. Stay inside today and stay safe.

Booking a tropical Caribbean or seaside vacation during hurricane season is always something of a gamble. The statistical chances of a hurricane impacting your trip are rather slim, but certainly not zero. And while some years are quiet, with only a handful of named storms threatening tourism areas, overall the trend appears heading toward an increase in hurricane frequency and intensity.

Understandably, this might have you considering hurricane travel insurance for your next trip to a hurricane-vulnerable area. But there are a few things you should know before buying coverage.

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With all the problems hanging over us in these troubled times, I hesitate to add another - Tropical Storm Cristobal - the third named storm on only the second day of the Atlantic hurricane season formed in the Gulf of Mexico Tuesday, the National Hurricane Center said, with the forecast track calling for the storm to strengthen over the next week and move towards the U. S. Gulf Coast.

Even though Tuesday was only the second day of hurricane season, it follows two storms that already formed in May, making 2020 a record breaking sixth consecutive year that's seen a pre-season storm, with both Tropical Storm Arthur and Tropical Storm Bertha having impacts on the U. S. East Coast.

A rare phenomena, called a derecho, occurred from northwestern PA to the NJ coast this past Wednesday, with winds between 61 - 89 mph. With all the problems hanging over us in these trying times, here's one more. A derecho is a long-lived line of severe thunderstorms that travels a single direction for more than 250 miles. The weather phenomena has wind gusts of 58 mph or higher, typically causing straight-line wind damage.

Derechos are sometimes referred to as inland hurricanes due to the hurricane like conditions that occur over land with this weather phenomenon.

One of the most notable derechos in recent memory occurred in 2012, which started in Indiana and blasted eastward through the mid-Atlantic. Severe damage was reported all across the region, including in Washington, D.C.


Thanks to COVID-19, the hurricane season that officially starts Monday will be unlike any other. 

"The combination of an ongoing pandemic and what NOAA has forecast to be a busy hurricane season is a cataclysmic scenario," according to the disaster policy group SmarterSafer Coalition.


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By Judson Jones, CNN Meteorologist


Hurricane season is fast approaching and it is likely to be active -- maybe even an extremely active -- season.

"Nearly all seasonal projections that have been issued by various agencies, institutions and private forecasting companies call for this season to be quite busy," CNN meteorologist Taylor Ward says.

Almost all of which are forecasting an above-average -- more than six -- hurricanes this season, which begins June 1.


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